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About Indovan

  • Vikas Khanduri [Management Board Chairman & CEO ]
    brings with him an infectious enthusiasm and sound understanding of travel and tourism. His experience in sales and marketing is key in promoting Swiss Incoming as an international travel destination management company. Sales and global expansion are his forte. Vikas has wide experience for Inbound travel into Southern Asia and he will be responsible for contracting and operations for Indovan.

  • Raj Dhingra [Managing partner Canada]
    A thorough management professional with in-depth overall experience of 17 years in assorted areas of the travel related services. A high-performing professional with experience to handle promotional activities and quality assurance providing high standard customer servies. As your point of contract I will be available to take any feedback and will ensure that I provide besy of support..

  • Ulrich F.Baur [Managing Partner]
    has a proven track record in managing multiple projects internationally. He has high standards and while he understands cost controlling strategies, he ensures simultaneous achievement of the highest level of customer service. He is the experienced mentor, guiding and managing the numerous realtionship with vendors and suppliers for Swiss Incoming and marketing and promotion for Indovan.

  • USA Associate Office
    Diane Davidson - As a global traveler for over 30 years in her Consultation business, Diane recommends the best destination getaways in the world for relaxation or adventure vacations, corporate and leadership events, sales team celebrations and private executive stress reducing retreats. She works with her clients to create life changing experiences that are remembered for a lifetime.